OUR Service List
  • Marketing

    We help businesses with strategic planning to market their products and services in a way that yields maximum exposure and market leverage.

  • Media/Press Campaigns

    Everything has a story. We want to create that narrative and share it with the world thorough our well-crafted press releases/media advisories.

  • Social Media Campaigns

    We create comprehensive social media campaigns that get your business/event maximum exposure. We utilize popular social media platforms

  • We Act As A Liasion…

    between the organization and the media/press (through activities such as interview scheduling and coordination).

  • Securing Placement

    We secure calendar, pictorial, and editorial placement in print and electronic sources on behalf of the organization.

  • Television & Radio

    Dynamic Public Relations is responsible for obtaining local or national television and radio coverage for the organization.

  • We Buy Media

    Dynamic Public Relations buy media and hold press conferences on behalf of our client.

  • Media Planning

    We provide in-depth media planning to ensure all bases are covered from the media/press perspective.

  • Crisis Management

    Our firm also specializes in crisis management, community engagement, and partnership development.